ID Contest 2024:
The most beautiful kitchens in the whole world


As a global brand, we have designers all over the world, designing the perfect kitchens for people with style and taste. Even the most experienced 'SieMatic-ers' are then still often quite surprised by the creativity and inventiveness!

At the time, this was a very good reason to create the SieMatic ID Contest and this year is already the 4th edition.

Start ID Contest edition 2024

The entries from all countries in the world have already started, and we can't wait to admire and judge them together with an international jury.

We at SieMatic Netherlands have already informed all 'Smaakmakers' and SieMatic dealers and invited them to enter their most beautiful creations. With that, we are preparing for the 2024 selection of Best of Urban, Best of Classic and Best of Pure, but only one can be the best and that one will be declared Best of the Best and that one came from the Netherlands last year.

Best of the Best 2022: DJ Fedde le Grand's kitchen.

So we are not a little proud that in 2022 'The Best of the Best' kitchen was a Dutch design, and then also for the world-famous DJ Fedde le Grand. Clearly a man with international tastes and pretty specific requirements.

This kitchen was designed by Robbert Leemans and his team at ASWA Keukens in Helmond. You can read the whole story here.

Best of the Lifestyles 2022

To have a good taste of how high the bar is set in terms of crackling, creative inspiration, we'd like to take a look back at the legendary year 2022 in the other categories (and hope we have at least 1 winner in one of them). Get inspired!

Best of Urban 2022: So Paris

The winner in this year's lifestyle URBAN comes from Paris where the team Myriam Baudrier of Cuisines Joniel has designed a kitchen so harmonious, light and homely that you would prefer to spend all day in it. Check it out here.

Best of CLASSIC 2022: Contemporary classic

This year's winner in lifestyle CLASSIC comes from Germany, where Hanne Günther's team at SieMatic on Theaterstraße in Aachen, managed to integrate the modern harmony of a CLASSIC kitchen into a contemporary country house in a particularly stylish way. Check it out here.

Best of PURE 2022: Japanese ingenuity

This year's winner in lifestyle PURE comes from Japan, where Toshio Nakajima and SMW Japan Ltd, Tokyo, have managed to combine the warmth of wood with sleek, contrasting elements, in which a PURE plays an understated leading role. As surprising as it is innovative, the leather sofa in the imposing kitchen island overlooks the beautiful garden. Pure Feng Shui (=Kanso in Japanese). Check it out here.

After all that beauty, perhaps you have been inspired for a new kitchen yourself and are curious how a SieMatic kitchen would look in your home, or just want to see a SieMatic kitchen in real life. Then make an appointment or drop by. We look forward to welcoming you.