The new SieMatic S2: The modern way of living

A modern kitchen is like designer furniture in the flow of everyday life. It is an integral part of all activities taking place in the home. The new SieMatic S2 is a leading example of this, with smart, secret, creative design features and functionalities. In doing so, we once again set the trend in living today and in the future.

Handle-less to perfection

In its latest manifestation, the S2 is an evolution and refinement of the handle-less kitchen that SieMatic first introduced back in 1960. A handle-less kitchen literally brings everything in line. The absence of handles gives the kitchen symmetry and optical calm.
The clean vertical and horizontal lines, with the floating worktop, enhance the sense of space and makes the kitchen blend seamlessly into its surroundings. The S2 thus depicts the design philosophy that perfectly reflects the modern, fluid way of life.

The new S2: A design chameleon

Not only is the S2 a beautiful piece of designer furniture with a quirky handle-less design, it is, of course, above all a highly functional kitchen. But because a modern kitchen is much more an integral part of living, it is important that the kitchen does not always have the function of a kitchen.
The kitchen becomes a design 'chameleon' so to speak, with a shape that can adapt to its surroundings and activities without any problems. As a result, it always provides the right atmosphere and space for maximum living and enjoyment.

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Minimalist corners

Corners define design and are a perfect match for striving for perfection. Besides the 'classic' universal corner, we introduce the mitre corner with the new SieMatic S2. Together with the worktop and the detailed finish, it creates a very sleek design.
Those worktops do make it very personal, with materials ranging from natural stone to artificial stone and ceramic in range of colours and patterns. The thicknesses of the tops are 6.5, 12, 80 and 142 mm thick. From sophisticated and chic to robust and tough. Whatever your taste, there is always a perfect combination.

Clever drawers

A small, ingenious drawer discreetly hidden in the handle frame of the new generation S2, is a quirky mix of design and function.
This innovation is highly flexible and provides ideal storage for flat and delicate items. Whether knives, cheese and truffle cutters, smartphones and tablets or valuable jewellery, everything can be stored smartly, safely and quickly.


A rotating cabinet element that transforms the atmosphere of stylish calm and space into a decoratively expressive view of the island with a gentle click.

This SieMatic SecretSpace is available for base units and tall units. With the precision of a classic Swiss watch, it transforms the look of any kitchen into an exhibition of style and taste in an instant.


The ultimate translation of kitchen design furniture is the SecretSlide worktop. It transforms a stylish island into a multifunctional environment in one smooth move.
A hob with integrated extractor appears in the centre and both sides transform into a place to sit or stand. Ideal for eating, having drinks, studying or for good conversation. The SecretSlide is the ideal partner for a fluid lifestyle.

Expressive invisibility

Sometimes you want to make a cup of coffee or tea, sometimes not. Sometimes you want a food processor and sometimes you don't. That's why we are introducing the Kitchen Aid Garage. A great place in the new S2 kitchens, which magically hides appliances and other items until you need them.
When closed, nothing interrupts the lines and the kitchen becomes harmonious with the overall design and flow of the home.

Made to taste

Once in the grip of the new S2, the possibilities of personalisation are endless and there is always a combination that fits exactly. Choose from one of 2050 SieMatic paint colours or Plastic, Natural Stone, Ceramic/Composite or Stainless Steel for the worktop. We are happy to invite you to a showroom to experience it.