Biophilic design, the new
interior & kitchen trend

Never before has the importance of a home been so great. Due to serious external threats, we long for a living space that is designed as a personal and comfortable retreat, where we can completely relax. And where connectivity with the natural environment is evident. A living environment that mimics nature also has a positive effect on our well-being. Get ready for Biophilic Design, the new interior and kitchen trend!

Variable lighting for a healing effect

When the pandemic struck, attention was drawn more than ever to healthy living environments. Not only in terms of hygiene, such as air and water purification or antimicrobial surfaces, but also mood influencers, such as variable lighting. As the centre of the home, the kitchen fulfils an even broader function than before. Not only do we cook and eat there several times a day, but we now also work there full-time, teach our children there for hours on end and receive friends and family there in our spare time. Therefore, we want to be able to switch easily from work lighting to mood lighting. SieMatic kitchens are increasingly fitted with lighting systems where temperature and intensity can be individually adjusted in different areas of the living space using a remote-controlled touch sensor switch. The ultimate zen experience!

Textures and patterns for an organic balance

Vibrant walls, natural textures, structures and materials all have a positive effect on our health. So it is no surprise that the need for elements that simulate nature in your living environment as much as possible is increasing. That biological balance in your interior and kitchen can be achieved in many ways. Besides natural materials, think of rustic and organic shapes, textures and patterns. For example, SieMatic applies beautiful wooden wall panels in stylish glass cabinets. And what about the ultimate tactility experience in the handleless SLX collection? Or go for a high caressing level with brushed metal fronts.

Greenery everywhere for biophilic urbanism

We can all contribute to making our own living environment greener, more colourful and more fragrant. Biophilic urbanism can be achieved, for example, by putting some much-needed herbs in your kitchen. When you extend this to the outside - to your balcony, your terrace, your garden or a shared indoor garden - you not only green your own space but also the surrounding environment. So with Biohilic design you no longer think on a small scale; it has a relevant impact on the living environment of a larger whole. And also on the future and crucial future-oriented topics, such as temperature regulation.

At SieMatic in Vondelpark you can experience this new interior design and kitchen trend live, on no less than three different floors of the stylish listed building. Are you looking for a kitchen that fully meets your ideas of Biophilic Design? Make an appointment with an advisor via the website!

Mascha Ekkel | Founder of Associates Des Arts & LEEM WONEN

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