Pure SLX - handleless design with LED lighting 

Since our founding in 1929, we have created kitchens to suit a creative life, wherever it takes place. With the Pure SLX, we create further with built-in lighting in the handle-less controls of the cabinets. 

Illuminated atmosphere

The effect is impressive. The color temperature and brightness, are infinitely adjustable and always delivers exactly the right atmosphere, tailored to moment and taste and makes your kitchen even more the central place in the house.

Pure aesthetics

Light and lines merge in a special way in the new Pure SLX and create an extra dimension. The controls are handle-less and the material thickness is 6.5 millimeters. That combination gives the smooth surfaces extra depth, they enhance the floating effect of the worktop and emphasize the balanced proportions.

Tailored to your taste

Once in the grip of Pure SLX, the possibilities of personalization are endless and there is always a combination that fits exactly. Choose from one of the 2050 SieMatic paint colors or Plastic, Natural Stone, Ceramic/Composite or Stainless Steel for the worktop. We would like to invite you to a showroom to experience it. 

SieMatic Pure SLX - handle-free kitchen, reinvented

As the inventor of the handleless kitchen we were faced with a special challenge: can we improve on an icon? With the design of the new SLX we redefined handle-lessness and made it easy to grasp. SieMatic's latest kitchen concept with its sophisticated lighting accents and clear design is a true eye-catcher. The indirect lighting of the SLX makes its extraordinary exclusivity not only visible, but also tangible.

The highlight is the newly designed recessed grip rail: it provides a unique tactile experience that also sets new aesthetic standards when perfectly illuminated. The almost floating lightness, the result of the combination of a perfect light concept and a clear interplay of lines, creates a very special atmosphere in your home. This striking lightness is made even more visually pleasing by the choice of the best materials.

Gripping love of detail:
The newly designed handle strip of the SLX


The handle profiles of your SieMatic PURE SLX kitchen are indirectly illuminated, resulting in a very luxurious look. You can adjust the colour warmth and brightness of the LED light as you wish to create a completely new atmosphere in your kitchen. This makes the design not only chic and modern, but also timeless.

Room for creativity

The SieMatic PURE SLX offers unlimited possibilities for creative design, but at the same time is practical thanks to numerous storage solutions from SieMatic. This makes it easier to optimize the space in your kitchen. You will create a practical and at the same time luxurious kitchen whose design is perfectly suited to your needs.

A luxurious, modern and very attractive design for your handleless kitchen

For SieMatic PURE SLX we chose to use only the highest quality materials to create a luxurious and timeless design. The refined design is proof that we design our products with love and care.



Make your handleless kitchen your favourite room in the house

The aesthetic design of SieMatic pure SLX suits any interior. The wide range of colours and materials allows you to create a unique handle-less kitchen that suits your lifestyle and the possibilities of the room in your house. 

Design-awards for SieMatic PURE SLX

International juries are also convinced by the SLX concept. Our new kitchen design has already won several renowned design awards:

GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2021 & 2022 | ICONIC AWARD 2020: Innovative Interior

iF DESIGN AWARDS | RED DOT Design Award 2020 

Can you touch light?

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