SieMatic Interior in dark grey

Kitchen interior that suits your lifestyle

Renowned architect Richard Meier considers white as the most beautiful and pure of all colors. Meanwhile, interior designers worldwide regard grey as the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Now, SieMatic combines these two opposites to create stunning kitchen designs that will transform your home into a stylish masterpiece.

Choosing between white and grey for your kitchen requires thoughtful consideration, as both colors must match your design and color combination. After all, "kitchens are the new design furniture", and you deserve the best. With SieMatic's ColorSystem and a range of high-quality materials, you can achieve a perfect balance between white and grey, and create the ideal ambiance for your home. Moreover, these colors fit perfectly the SieMatic's MultiMatic interior system elements in aluminum, light oak, dark smoked chestnut, and porcelain, which add a neutral and elegant touch to your kitchen design. With SieMatic, you have the flexibility to choose the option that suits your style and preferences.

Rest assured, all our kitchen furniture versions come with the standard SieMatic features and charms that have made us a trusted name in the industry. So, whether you prefer the timeless elegance of white or the sophisticated allure of grey, SieMatic has a solution that suits all your needs!

New! The SieMatic Kitchen Interior in Dark Grey

Now, you have the choice between the classic white and the new, modern dark grey color. Here are the key features of this exquisite interior:

  • Whisper-quiet and dust-proof soft-closing profiles in dark grey, with a graphite-grey front
  • Versatile multifunctional strips and shelf brackets in dark grey
  • Stylish dark grey dust corners
  • Durable dark grey shelves with graphite-grey edging all around

All your cutlery and kitchen utensils can be neatly organized and stored in the practical SieMatic cutlery inserts in dark grey. The cutlery inserts are made of tempered plastic, which is both practical and easy to clean due to the rounded corners.

All drawers and pull-out elements come standard with dark grey insert mats with an aluminum decorative anti-slip profile. The aluminum side of the drawer and the aluminum decorative anti-slip profile perfectly match the color of the dark grey insert mat.

Technology and design go hand in hand in the implementation of the dark grey SieMatic kitchen furniture interior. The multifunctional strip, the various types of shelf brackets, the covers for screw holes and flap hinges, are all perfectly and harmoniously coordinated. Even the famous SieMatic dust corner for the corners of the upper cabinets.

More Class. More Style. Now Even More Beautiful: The SieMatic interior becomes even more special thanks to the coordinated materials and colors for the interior accessories. The grip decks for the pull-out and interior elements are made of smoked chestnut, the Flock material for lining the shelves, and the light ivory color of the porcelain storage jars, all combine perfectly with the dark grey of the kitchen furniture interior.

Add more value to your SieMatic kitchen furniture!

You can customize your SieMatic kitchen furniture to your own preferences and taste, for example, by choosing the Aluminum Edition version. In this version, the multifunctional strips and the front of the adjustable shelves have an aluminum decor. This provides an even more luxurious look.

Extra cost for aluminum edition

Base cabinet or wall cabinet:
€32 surcharge per kitchen furniture element

Tall cabinet:
€51 surcharge per kitchen furniture element

You also have the option to have the top shelves covered with Flock material. This is a velvet-soft covering, making it both practical and even more beautiful.

Extra cost for aluminum edition with flock

Base cabinet and wall cabinet:
€111 surcharge per kitchen furniture element

Tall cabinet:
€245 surcharge per kitchen furniture element

Convinced? Come and experience it yourself.

The SieMatic kitchen interior fits in every SieMatic kitchen. But it is just one detail in your new kitchen. We would be happy to discuss with you all the possibilities and details for your new kitchen and then introduce you to everything that makes SieMatic unique and special. Convince yourself and come for an inspiring visit to our showroom, or make an appointment now for a design and cost estimate.