Made to your taste

Taste is personal, we know that from experience. With the different lifestyles and models, SieMatic therefore offers a very wide range of ingredients with the high quality and workmanship to put together the perfect kitchen to suit your taste.

Ingredients such as matt and glossy surfaces, light and dark materials, smooth and profiled fronts, handle-less or with handles, 2050 lacquer colours, vibrant woods, ceramics, beautiful metals and high-quality laminates.

To get a good feel, the next step is to experience them in the showroom during your kitchen advice appointment, and work with a knowledgeable designer and consultant, trained on understanding taste and possibilities to translate that into the design completely tailored to your taste.

Made to your taste:
Kitchen advice in 4 steps

The appointment.
You can easily arrange an appointment with us via the appointment planner on our website. You can prepare for our conversation at home. Please find some practical tips at the bottom of this page.

The kitchen interview.
We conduct an informative interview with you. After we introduce ourselves, we go through your wishes and questions together.

Design sketch plan.
If you want a design and cost estimate, we will make a summary for you after our interview, possibly with a first sketch plan tailored to your needs.

The presentation.
Together with you, we plan a presentation appointment for a detailed presentation of our kitchen proposals and the cost estimate.

Extra preparation for your kitchen advice consultation

Good preparation is half the battle. Here are some more practical tips or steps.

Take your time for the kitchen design session
A creative kitchen design session is inspiring and usually lasts 1.5 to 2 hours. That gives enough time to discuss wishes, possibilities preferences, and sketches together with the consultants and designers. We provide the inspiration, coffee and refreshments.

The kitchen design: where to place the kitchen
The better we know where the kitchen will be, the better we can tailor it perfectly to your taste.  Floor plans, a few photos from as many angles as possible or plans from your architect are suitable for this. With that input, we come up with a kitchen design that makes maximum use of the space and fits perfectly into the flow of your life.

The kitchen design: what inspires you
Do you already have style world of SieMatic (Pure, Classic, Urban, Mondial) in mind? Or any of the models (S2, SC, SLX)? How would you describe your personal taste? What are your favourite colours, materials or examples from interent or social media? If you have it, bring it along. The more inspiration, the better.

What is the budget
To give you the best possible advice, it's good to have an indication of the amount you don't want to exceed. Within those possibilities for the maximum design go for your SieMatic kitchen fully flavoured. 

With this information, we will start working together, using the showroom and all the materials and ingredients, to create the first sketch plan of your perfect kitchen. Then we will schedule a presentation appointment for a detailed, worked-out presentation of the kitchen proposals and a cost estimate.
See you soon!


In order to meet all the requirements for your new kitchen, you need to ask yourself the right questions. Based on our many years of experience, we have a checklist for your project. This way you can be sure that you won't forget anything when putting together your new kitchen.


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You have a lot of decisions to make, so it's important to know the best way to start. Tell us what you want your new kitchen to look like. You can record your ideas and wishes in the questionnaire we have compiled for you. When you fill it in and send it to us, you will have taken the first step towards your new kitchen.