Kitchen materials and colours of timeless elegance

It goes without saying: every kitchen concept requires a carefully composed material selection. SieMatic applies the same approach. When it comes to kitchen materials, this German top label works from the perspective of "timeless elegance". The three lifestyles of the SieMatic kitchen concept (Pure, Classic and Urban) offer a wide variety of different colors & finishings in wood, ceramics, metals, glass, and lacquer.

Especially for this blog I visited SieMatic at the Vondelpark, where I enjoyed an inspiring tour of the design and materials library - a candy store for every interior design lover!

It’s all about wood - Contemporary wood surfaces in your kitchen

Wood is an integral part of the contemporary interior. The trick, however, is to use this versatile kitchen material with its warm and natural look. This requires high-quality wood, craftsmanship, and - once processed - a perfect presentation.

You can experience this, for example, in one of the kitchen displays on the first floor of the historic building, where a complete room-high and wall-to-wall cabinet wall is fitted with walnut kitchen fronts, and the material is used in such a way that all the veins and structures run over the entire wall.

Also, on the second floor, opposite the VIP Board Room, we can find a cooking island with all around smoked oak kitchen fronts with a 360 gr open book structure. I would almost say, "It's not going to get any better!"

Fine veneer – High end kitchen material

Because solid wood is too heavy, too expensive and 'works' too much with temperature changes, SieMatic always uses veneer. Moreover, this thin board material has no unevenness. 

In the basement of SieMatic's flagship store you will find, among other kitchen displays, the widely acclaimed 'SLX Pure', where a dark noble veneer in a stylish herringbone pattern has been used on the back of the matching wall cupboard. This material is extremely high quality and is favoured by top international designers, such as the Italian Piero Lissoni.

Colorful ceramics - perfect for your kitchen worktop

When it comes to kitchen worktops and splash walls, we increasingly see that plastic materials are being replaced by natural materials. This is entirely in line with the long-term trend of 'sustainability', the desire to 'live with nature' and increasing your personal contribution to a cleaner planet. 

At SieMatic the customers can choose from a wide range of ceramics. In fact, this collection has been specially compiled for SieMatic's kitchen lifestyles. Nowadays, ceramics can be manufactured completely according to your wishes when it comes to colours, patterns, structures and finishes. It is a pure pleasure to 'browse' through the ceramic samples and see and feel the various applications live.

Bespoke metal surfaces for a stylish kitchen

Do you always find those stainless steel handles in kitchens so ugly? At SieMatic they decided to embellish this practical material by adding a coloured oxide layer to the metal kitchen surfaces. This results in a patented range of gold bronze, stainless steel and black finishing’s.

In addition, SieMatic has further studied the tactility of the grip strips. In other words, how the material feels and how the person who touches it experiences the material. In this way, they extend the aesthetic experience to that of the sense of touch. Add atmospheric lighting, and the 'functional' grip frame suddenly becomes a 'virtuous' design. 

Glass-clear and tasteful – contemporary high end materials for a unique kitchen

Another tasteful material in interiors is without any doubt glass. Although not directly on top of mind for your kitchen, it exists in quite a few glass varieties. Think for example of frosted glass, which offers certain privacy but still remains very light and airy. Or smoked glass, which gives an interesting accent to your interior design style, depending on the colour. Or mirror glass, which adds a lot of depth in small spaces.

In the SieMatic sample room you can see all the possibilities at your leisure, and also check out the glass surfaces in the various kitchen displays and lifestyles. In any case, glass gives me some quite unexpected ideas! 

Stylish shine - exclusive lacquer surfaces

And last but not least, a whole world opens up for you when you hear about all the possibilities of lacquer surfaces for your kitchen! Just to name a few: SieMatic has the ability to apply all NCS lacquers. The Natural Color System consists of no less than 1950 colors of lacquer and is considered worldwide to be the industrial color standard.

More special is the Superior Quality Lacquer (SQL), manufactured in Germany and available in all uni colours. This lacquer is of such high quality that it achieves the tightest radius. Your kitchen will shine in lacquer as the most beautiful Mercedes!

An attractive alternative is the SieMatic  SimiLaque in high or silk gloss, which is just as elegant and high-quality.

Curious about all these kitchen materials and more? Be sure to visit the Flagship store in Amsterdam, take a tour of the extensive sample room and enjoy a thorough introduction of various kitchen materials. SieMatic kitchen advisors will be happy to inspire you!

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