Always nice to start the new year with a visit to IMM Cologne.

Not only eye candy for interior lovers, but also because of all  the novelties, trends and innovations we can spot on the fair. One of those striking,

ongoing trends is that of 'pure and basic design'.

Definitely a trend that seamlessly matches the SieMatic lifestyle PURE!

Kitchen trend 2020 - Minimalistic design

More and more people are seriously changing their consumer behaviour in order to initiate a change towards a sustainable society. In relation to living and kitchen design, sustainable living in 2020 is associated with, among other things, uncomplicated, timeless yet elegant interiors in which pure and minimalist design reigns. Only a few pieces of furniture become the real eye-catchers, and it is important not to be distracted by superfluous additions. One of those eye-catchers is without doubt the kitchen; the ultimate living space in the house. 

Kitchen trend 2020 - Perfect symbiosis

The more minimalistic is your lifestyle, the more you focus on essentials. You get rid of unnecessary things and only surround yourself with the things that really matter and make you happy for a long time. This not only gives you peace of mind, but also creates peace & harmony in your immediate surroundings.

This trend of 2020 matches seemlessly the SieMatic lifestyle PURE. This kitchen collection is not only about optimal balance, but also about functionality, elegant design, the lasting value of exclusive materials, precise workmanship down to the smallest details and a timeless colour palette. Within the minimalist design language of SieMatic, all these elements in the design concept of the lifestyle PURE are perfectly attuned to one another.

Kitchen trend 2020 - Simplicity versus beauty

In 2020, we also want to experience the simplicity and beauty of all new developments and technologies. Advanced novelties? Yes, please! But let those gadgets be easy to operate and above all cleverly concealed. 

SieMatic has converted today's desire for simplicity versus beauty into the SieMatic SLX PURE; a new interpretation of the handleless kitchen, as first introduced by the brand in the kitchen industry years ago. In doing so, the brand has redefined simplicity in all its beauty. This new kitchen concept was launched at the 90th anniversary of SieMatic and has already been recognized by the international experts in the jury of the 'ICONIC AWARDS 2020': Innovation Interior', and awarded the title 'Best of Best' in the category 'Kitchen and Household'.

The kitchen of 2020 - a subtle eye-catcher

In 2020 we go for the art of astute refinement. For elements that you hardly notice because they belong together, but still make a difference. A fine detail or a clever little thing that imperceptibly forms part of the logical whole.

The SieMatic lifestyle PURE is designed to merge kitchen and living room. The total concept is fully integrated into the total interior and catches the eye by its beautiful details. How about dimmable lighting under the counter top so that it seems to float, a wooden back panel with herringbone motif in the storage cupboards, a splash wall in the same material and colour scheme as the surrounding walls and last but not least the elegant 'gold bronze' finishes? In this way, the 2020 kitchen becomes a subtle eye-catcher.

If these kitchen trends appeal to you and you are looking for a matching an interior, you are mostly welcome in the SieMatic Flagship store at Vondelpark.

Mascha Ekkel | Founder of Associates Des Arts & LEEM WONEN

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