SieMatic reinterprets the new luxury with the
2021 kitchen collection

We all know that luxury has long since ceased to be about the finest car, the designer handbag and the expensive vacation. However desirable those remain for many. After all, who needs a car when millions around the world now have their own on-demand driver? With the ever-increasing affluence, innovations and connectivity, while more & more people access luxury, the boundaries of luxury have shifted, and it is no longer about status or ownership. After all, people already have a lot these days. 
Luxury is therefore less and less about 'what I have' and more and more about emotional connection, personal growth, experience and 'who I am'. 
The new luxury is more autonomous, more ethical and therefore more tasteful.


The implications for the new luxury consumerism are enormous, as consumers intensify their search and willingness to pursue and personify these ideals. Today's customer knows what he wants and orientates himself well before making a firm decision. He is increasingly concerned about how and with which interior pieces he can express who he is; he attaches more and more value to a living environment in which his own personality is clearly expressed. Moreover, he wants to be involved in the real brand experience, which makes him feel more appreciated and connected.

All the more opportunities for brands that understand this new mindset and can then realize those ideals for their customers!


SieMatic reinterprets the new luxury with the latest PURE SLX lifestyle collection, in which SieMatic designers really connect with the end user in order to help them realize their individual kitchen dreams. They do this by offering unlimited possibilities in shapes, materials and colors. However, the typical SieMatic characteristics - high quality, timeless and elegant - remain unchanged.


Aangezien de sfeer en beleving van een keuken grotendeels wordt bepaald door de ‘looks’ van de kastfronten, ging SieMatic voor deze herinterpretatie aan de slag met een aantal kersverse materialen en kleuren. Zo werden diverse metalen en natuursteen toegepast; van verfijnd tot heel expressief, om zodoende wereldwijd aan de verschillende percepties van schoonheid te kunnen voldoen.

Als je kijkt naar de metalen, kun je van het lichte ‘platin’ via ‘champagne’ en ‘brons’ naar ‘rosegold’. En voor wat betreft het natuursteen van lichtgrijs en licht geaderd naar een diepe zwart met opvallende tekeningen.

An added bonus is that, as a result of new technologies, the worktops can be completely matched to the fronts in terms of color and material. This also applies to related furniture. In this way SieMatic can fulfill your new luxury wishes throughout your interior!

For the ultimate brand experience there is a 1600m2 showroom at the headquarters in Löhne, Germany, where you can experience the complete range of kitchen diversity live. From compact to generous, from monochrome to colorful and from basic to extravagant. And responding to the news around COVID, this experience is also accessible virtually 7/7 24/24. 

Do you also dream of a unique kitchen that embodies your own style? Then make a personal appointment with a SieMatic consultant now! 

Mascha Ekkel | Founder of Associates Des Arts & LEEM WONEN

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For lovers of SieMatic I describe the latest innovations and developments within the interior design and art sector, making the connection with the SieMatic collections".

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