Anyone who thinks that SieMatic still only offers mass-produced standard kitchens is completely wrong! Every custom kitchen from the current lifestyle collections - Pure, Classic, Urban and Mondial  - is unique and fully tailored to the customer's wishes.
SieMatic calls the idea of delivering fully customized kitchen solutions 'Manufactura'. And that goes beyond the boundaries of the kitchen....

The history of the kitchen

A century ago, of course, the kitchen industry looked very different. And so did the kitchens! A dip in the archives shows us that we learned how to cook in a cupboard, often right next to the toilet. Online images from the Stadsarchief Amsterdam show meagre wall furniture with curtains, behind which the pots and pans were stored.

At the time, the German 'August Siekmann Möbelwerke' produced sideboards and storage furniture, which were sold by other companies and used in fitted kitchens. At the end of the 1920s they made their name and fame at the Leipziger Messe, after which millions of turnover were made, a new office opened and a true Reform kitchen programme was rolled out.

The trendsetters of SieMatic

In the 'late 50s' things looked a lot better in the house: the custom kitchen got a larger, private space and was slowly but surely transformed into a living kitchen and therefore a much used and popular place for every member of the family. Meanwhile the company August Siekmann Möbelwerke was renamed into SieMatic, a label with international allure, and designed, among other popular models, SieMatic 6006 - the first handle free kitchen in the world. A true design classic and unique for its time, what concerns kitchen design combined with functionality.

Apparently SieMatic got the taste for being a trendsetter, and developed further, offering kitchens in two styles - modern and classic - and fully personalizing kitchen solutions. After all, there is no arguing about taste, and certainly not in a kitchen!

The characteristics of Manufactura

Like a number of new musical styles which emerged in the 1980s, SieMatic developed three new lifestyles: Pure, Classic, Urban and Mondial. These timeless styles related not only to the kitchen, but also to the surrounding spaces. In addition, the industry evolved enormously in terms of technology and production, which meant that SieMatic, with its own craftsmen, was increasingly able to make unique custom-made kitchens and related furniture instead of just producing in masses. And that's where 'manufactura' sprang up!

Rainier Zweep, Director of Marketing and Commerce in the Netherlands: "The word manufactura is a term which evokes a number of unique features, just like Dutch Design or Made in Italy. It means elegant design, tailored to the wishes of the customer, made with the highest degree of workability and delivered according to a well-appointed installation process including excellent service. In short:  tailor-made solutions that refer to our entire chain, from design to delivery.

Unburdened by knowledge, experience and reach

Because SieMatic has been supplying custom kitchens around the world for decades, both directly to individuals and through industry professionals such as real estate developers, interior designers and architects, it has gained a great deal of knowledge and experience regarding cultures and customs. That makes them a valuable partner in how and where. They think along with you, free of obligation, when it comes to layouts, materialization and innovations, and they take over the execution of the project and the installation with all ease.

SieMatic is well capable of translating your wishes, while the project management is ensured by the contractor, and at the same time makes good agreements to facilitate the whole process. According to Rainier Zweep you can even make money with SieMatic. For one person it is about commissions or margins, for example, and for the other it literally means saving money through good advice, allowing smarter purchases to be made. 

Are you an interior designer, looking for support in the field of custom-made kitchen and interior design solutions, offered by passionate professionals? We are happy to welcome you for an introductory meeting in the SieMatic showrooms: a cup of coffee and a stylish materials and documentation box are waiting for you! 

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