Cooking at a high level in a modern living kitchen

The occupants of this spacious house in this striking building, located in the Pontsteiger in Amsterdam, have more than just an affinity with kitchens. The owner is a highly successful entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, and he definitely knows better than anyone what his own living kitchen should look like.

A standard layout is not for him and does not fit in with this unique and cosmopolitan living situation. From his profession he has a good view on interior design and knows how to approach the right parties for every job. When it comes to kitchens, there is no question – it is SieMatic as far as he is concerned. 

The SieMatic Urban Collection - an immediate hit.

The owners were already familiar with the brand, but the flagship store at the Vondelpark and the extensive kitchen programme with the three lifestyles were still to be discovered. Already on entering this special showroom, with the first large kitchen layout - the so-called 'Urban' in a matte black version - it was a hit.

It immediately clicked very well with the kitchen designers, which certainly had a positive effect on the entire purchase process, according to the owners: "They listened carefully and really thought along with us. Ideas were visually presented on site and the high degree of flexibility surprised us in particular”. 

For example, a countertop to measure, both in length and width, was no problem. And the unconventional choice of an integrated, double drawer refrigerator could also be realised via SieMatic.

A warm, inviting living kitchen

The urban character of Siematic Urban collection not only fits very well with the house and the surroundings, but also with the residents. In collaboration with the architect involved, the large, sterile and white plastered space has been transformed into a warm and inviting modern kitchen.

The dark natural stone countertop and matt black fronts have been combined with Red Cedar wood, which has been applied to the ceiling, walls and floor, leading all the way to the loggia. By the way, this wood comes from De Houthaven, which gives the whole a local and sustainable statement.

For the dining table, an extra-long format was chosen, covered with leather, which easily accommodates ten people. A number of personal elements, such as a beautiful collection of cookbooks, favourite wines and spices, art and design objects, stylish cooking utensils and sturdy chopping boards ensure that cooking can now be done at a high level, both literally and figuratively!  

Kitchen materials and appliances

SieMatic Lifestyle PURE handle free design S2
Kitchen cabinets material: SimiLaque black silk mat
Worktop: StoneDesign natural stone steel grey leather (partners: Arte and Jetstone)

Sink: Franke. Tap: Franke tap with boiling water system
Hob, suction unit, fridge, oven, microwave oven & dishwasher: Siemens
Wine cooler: Liebherr