A real eye-opener: chic living kitchen and lounge

A dream of many: combining a former kitchen, entrance hall, staircase and garage into one large living kitchen. These residents made this a reality together with SieMatic at the Vondelpark. However, this time not in a form where traditional dining is central. It is the desire for peace, space, comfort and interaction that became the main ingredients for this design.

Living kitchen as the multifaceted heart of the home

As soon as you enter the house, you can feel the impact of this kitchen design: cooking and living melt together. As the kitchen is now located in the same space as the open entrance hall with its open staircase, the new kitchen in the living room becomes the multifaceted heart of the house. A place of coming together, reunion and relaxation that comes to life at breakfast, a coffee break, lunch, a drink or while cooking.

Modern living kitchen: starting points

The kitchen should have a furniture feel with a modern yet inviting character. The versatile use of the room had to feel logical. A fine orientation and distribution of proportion in the room was therefore central. Creating sufficient storage space and the possibility of hiding the hob from view were a plus point. On special request, the open bay window was converted into an intimate, private lounge area without losing the view. Space for displaying decorative eye-catchers and a surprise component were a must.

Living kitchen with playful lines in a sleek design

The handle-less design of the graphite grey kitchen is a powerful interplay of lines set in a clear frame. A nod to the SieMatic SLC design. Combining the simplicity and elegance of SieMatic Pure with the intimacy and dynamism of SieMatic Urban brings an informal, stylish atmosphere to the table. Modern, well-equipped appliances decorate the kitchen, but may disappear at a glance. Against the anthracite base with the Marquina Black ceramic worktop, the eye is drawn to elements that bring liveliness: the herb garden, the lighting plan, the wood accents, the window arrangement and the homely decoration. The use of the custom-made wooden bar elements and an Oak Siena wood-look niche board gives the design a furniture feel. This choice of material also brings warmth and contrast to the cooler concrete, black and anthracite tones.

A golden touch

The horizontal gold accent in the golden bronze bowl handle, the light fixture above the island and the horizontal light strips in the designed niches make this design sparkle. The horizontal play of lines draws the room in width rather than height and forms an interplay between living kitchen and bay lounge. The repetition of the recesses strengthens this relationship.

Kitchen interior design

Whatever you do, you will experience this living kitchen as an extension of the interior. Here you can come home to an inviting ambiance, find peace and quiet together or alone, have conversations, read a book, drink a good glass of wine, do homework or express freely your master chef skills. The connection between lifestyle, interior design and kitchen design is clearly tangible and visible.