Pure delight with SieMatic garden kitchen

When you have a view of your future home from your current house, you can't help but think about how you're going to design it. The residents of this property bought a completely run-down house on a large plot less than a stone's throw from where they lived. The total renovation, rebuilding and construction took a while, but the result is impressive. And the best part is the house, which from now on will have its official name, is definitely the garden kitchen!

SieMatic, a conscious choice for this exclusive design kitchen

"Some two and a half years after the purchase, it is still somewhat unreal and that blissful feeling regularly creeps up on us," say the residents. At this moment, we are in the garden, which has become a wonderful hideaway during this beautiful long summer. The weather is still glorious, so the triple garden doors of the two-story glass front are wide open. It immediately invites you to take a look at the end result of this "garden kitchen". 
The choice to install a SieMatic kitchen here, by the way, was quickly made. For this couple, a combination of quality and design is always the starting point for an important purchase. They liked the SieMatic kitchen in their previous home, so it was clear that it would be a SieMatic this time, too. "In the beautiful flagship store at Vondelpark we got a good idea of all the possibilities for this special space and were very well advised regarding our wishes, which led to this amazing result."

Connection and balance

The five-and-a-half meter high space with loft lends itself very well to a kitchen island, which was one of the wishes, as was a built-in extractor. In addition, a Qooker, a climate wine cabinet and a stone worktop were on the list. 
The practical coffee pantry also worked out very well, and last but not least, the matching sideboard behind the dining table stylishly connects to the cooking area, nicely balancing the entire space. 
Throughout the process, the residents experienced great service and commitment. Even when it turned out that the order had to be changed at the last minute and the worktop had to be replaced unexpectedly, SieMatic was helpful and proactive. 

Guidance and professional kitchen advice

A renovation of this magnitude involves a lot of different activities. So it's nice to know that when you're dealing with a lot of technology, you can count on good support and advice from experts who can look at the details. In the end, the kitchen fully meets all expectations. Both in terms of layout and quality of materials and equipment. Then all that remains is sit back & enjoy this beautiful place!

Kitchen materials and appliances

SieMatic Lifestyle PURE
Front material: laminate
Front color: sterling grey
Island niche: larch terra laminate

Worktop: StoneDesign composite Oyster (partners: Arte and Jetstone)
Sink: Franke
Tap: Franke 3in1 with boiling water system
Hob, extractor, fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher: Siemens
Wine fridge: Gaggenau