Home project:
sleek designer kitchen in an old farmhouse

During our visit to a renovated house in Gelderland, we discovered the beautiful open-plan kitchen of a family who were not afraid to transform an old farmhouse into a modern home. Be inspired by the smart design choices of the interior designer and this family with a good eye for detail.

A bit of background

This family is originally from the Rotterdam area. When they started remodelling their home a few years ago, they contacted SieMatic Vondelpark. Kirby Wessels was the SieMatic interior designer who took on the project for the new kitchen in the Rotterdam home.

The kitchen was in a small space, so the aim was to create a modern, luxurious but above all practical design with smart interior solutions. Kirby succeeded in meeting the family's wishes.

A few years later

The family decided to move a few years later, and since they were very satisfied with their small SieMatic designer kitchen in their previous home, they engaged Kirby Wessels again, for a large and beautiful project.

The new home is in Gelderland, not far from Nijmegen. The old 19th-century T-farmhouse had been remodelled many times over the years, but the family now wanted to make it a harmonious unit.

So this time Kirby went beyond just the kitchen design. She considered how they could make the front of the house, the kitchen and the living room into one, and how to let in more light.

A beautiful open and bright living
space and black designer kitchen

The living space was opened up to the top and two windows were installed in the roof, immediately letting in much more natural light. In addition, a traditional window was replaced by a large sliding door. Especially in spring and summer, this is ideal for connecting the new kitchen and garden, opening up the house.

One of the eye-catchers in the new designer kitchen is the large island with enough space for cooking and rinsing. The family was a little nervous about choosing such a large island, but the result is impressive. The family also wanted an island kitchen where the whole family can sit, although this is not the only seating area. In fact, the living area has a gorgeous round table that the family likes to dine at.

Although it is a black kitchen, there is openness and light in the room. This is partly due to the light worktop that creates a nice contrast. What also really caught our eye is the fact that this worktop perfectly matches the flattened concrete floor chosen by the residents themselves. The family clearly has a very good eye for detail.

The effect of openness comes mainly from the abundance of natural light streaming in and the passage to the living area. This contains a beautiful lounge sofa with huge footstool, adding a personal and soft touch to the family room. The absence of doors and frames only enhances the open effect.

Smart design solutions for an open black kitchen

The family's wish was clear: They wanted lots of storage space in their new open-plan kitchen, without it standing out. Kirby therefore worked out a number of clever design solutions. For example, the kitchen consists of two wall segments. In one wall segment is the fridge with a couple of large storage cabinets. On the other side are three tall cabinets with the oven in the middle, at a very practical height. All this is neatly tucked away in the wall and all symmetrically coordinated. This is obviously a good embodiment of both SieMatic's and the family's passion for detail.

A SieMatic PURE designer kitchen

If anyone has understood what SieMatic's PURE lifestyle is all about, it is these residents. They have really thought of every detail, from the dishes, flower vases, and cookbooks to the washing-up brush and soap pump. Everything reflects modesty and a personal touch, with colours chosen with great care and matching perfectly with each other and the rest of the black kitchen.

A convergence between classic old details and a modern lifestyle

What really stands out in this home, both in the kitchen and the other rooms, is that antique elements from the old farmhouse merge with the modern black kitchen. For instance, the fantastic old wooden beam in particular is an element that has been surprisingly preserved, working in harmony with the modern kitchen to create a unique and very personal result.

So it is certainly possible to place a modern kitchen in a traditional space. While the contrast between traditional and new may not be obvious at first, it actually creates the most surprising results and most uniquely stylish kitchens.

Chances are the family will move again. At that time, they will leave something wonderful behind for the new residents. And until then, they will fully enjoy their modernly furnished old farmhouse in beautiful Gelderland.


SieMatic PURE SmartLaque silk matt
Jetstone composite worktop
Colour: primordia caesarstone


Quooker PRO3, including Fusion Round, cold, hot and boiling water tap with childproof control knob
Franke Composite sink Cube
Siemens multifunction oven with microwave function iQ700
Siemens dishwasher IQ300
Siemens Induction hob including exhaust system iQ700