The paintings and sculptures of 
Christa Dohmen and Jop van Driel
SieMatic at Vondelpark

The SieMatic Flagship Store at Amsterdam's Vondelpark not only offers design concepts and complete interiors, art is also widely featured. From 5 February, it is the turn of Christa Dohmen and Jop van Driel, who are exhibiting together.

The entrance to the SieMatic Flagship Store is located on Amsterdam's Hobbemastraat. At the front, it overlooks lively city life; at the back is the monumental Vondelpark. The distinguished building is stylishly decorated: in different style rooms spread over three floors, Siematic's kitchen range is presented based on the SieMatic lifestyles PURE, URBAN, CLASSIC and MONDIAL.

It is the perfect setting for SieMatic's stylish kitchens, which have won many design awards internationally. But art also comes into its own here. Artists know how to find their way to Vondelpark, and SieMatic is happy to offer them a stage. In recent years, well known artists like Jef Bogman, Janneke Laheij, Anne van Borselen, Noor Huigen, Jeroen Snijders, Kim Feenstra and Milette Raats have exhibited their work there. 

And now it is the turn of Christa Dohmen and Jop van Driel. These two solo artists have known each other personally for years and once worked together for a period as the Stars of Art collective, together with three other artists.

Some years ago, Christa and Jop exhibited together in Villa Anna in Tilburg, and they liked it so much that they decided to do this more often. They both like to philosophize about the deeper meaning of life and the bigger picture we are part of, which gives them both inspiration for their work. 

Christa Dohmen makes paintings that are half abstract and half figurative. They feature landscapes, architectural elements, characters and female figures. Dohmen wants to make the invisible, the essence visible from underneath. Expressing weathered history as a substrate in the new world of recycling. 

Jop van Driel creates sculptures and stairs, and everything in between. As the child of a staircase maker, he was never far from his father's workshop. Now he combines craftsmanship with conceptual talent.

SieMatic cordially invites you to view the work of Christa Dohmen and Jop van Driel. You are welcome to visit the SieMatic Flagship Store, where you can enjoy tasteful art and SieMatic's stylish kitchen range.

Hobbemastraat 2, Amsterdam
5 February - mid-June 2023, free entrance