Meet the designer 2.0

In cooperation with Associates des Arts, we recently organized several presentations and tours for interior design professionals under the name 'Meet the Designer', with the aim of introducing them to both the SieMatic collection and the customization possibilities. Now we are happy to follow up with the program "Meet the Designer 2.0"

Detailed collaboration agreements

For interior design professionals who would like to work more closely with SieMatic, we have prepared a letter of intent, containing clear agreements in case a SieMatic kitchen is used in the project in question. For example, what the process looks like, what your fee is, what the terms of delivery are and what is available in terms of marketing.

Special project team

At SieMatic we have also set up a special project team. This team, consisting of the respected professionals Ralph de Graaf and Kirby Wessels, devotes itself to special design projects through exclusive cooperation with interior design professionals, architects and project developers, and can bridge the gap between your vision and the implementation of your projects, offering the recognizable and high quality SieMatic style.

Ralph de Graaf

Ralph de Graaf has been a very experienced kitchen designer and sales man in the industry for many years.

SieMatic at Vondelpark is therefore proud to present him as the foreman for this exceptional cooperation between the Flagship Store and you as a professional.

During his career, Ralph created and commissioned many designs for various established kitchen brands. From intake to realization: he knows the complete customer journey. In the meantime he has developed an unfailing eye for the needs of private customers, interior specialists, architects, fitters and project developers, and can interpret these into an aesthetic and technical design tailored to your needs. A design that speaks your language, dressed in the luxurious, personal and professional style of SieMatic. He takes care of his customers and any partners in the design process. His pursuit of perfection in cooperation is essential.

Depending on your wishes, Ralph can, thanks to his great adaptability, both lead and assist in the creative design process. With his unframed way of thinking, within the far-reaching customization possibilities of the factory, he brings your design vision to life. By listening carefully to your design needs, he will always find the appropriate, honourable and inspiring SieMatic touch in the cooperation. The result is a high quality kitchen as a creative stage for a timeless individual living space.

+31 (6) 11 20 55 99

Kirby Wessels

Kirby Wessels plays an essential role in the creative and technical design process next to Ralph. 

As a recently graduated interior designer, at the HBO Jan des Bouvrie Academy in Deventer, she started her career five years ago at SieMatic at the Vondelpark.

Kirby was brought in as a full-time Technical Draughtsman and Design Quoter for the sales team with the aim of taking the interior design aspect of SieMatic Kitchen Interior Design to the next level in both design and presentation. This role as overall design coach was extended to include the order process in 2020. As an all-rounder in interior design, she knows how to tastefully shape the boundaries of the order and the possibilities that SieMatic has to offer.

As well as having a sharp eye for detail, she also has the ability to bring together aesthetics, technology, personality and comfort in a striking design. She can personalize your SieMatic project into a timeless total experience.

Kirby thinks along with the client, looks beyond the boundaries of the kitchen and always looks for a perfect integration of the kitchen design in the whole: 'the perfect fit'. Would you like a more complete picture of your vision of the space in combination with the kitchen? In consultation, she can draw the entire space for you and provide an appropriate interior.

+31 (6) 11 91 97 47