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The main message that the international, leading color institute Pantone aims to convey for the year 2021 with its new colors 'Ultimate Gray' and 'Illuminating' is the ultimate feeling of unity. A sentiment that obviously stems from the rather tumultuous 2020.

If you translate this message to your kitchen, you may be wondering: how do I actually get my ultimate custom kitchen color palette and that unity at the same time?

Personal kitchen color palette

The colors that suit you and your kitchen are, by definition, a reflection of who you are, and will therefore also positively influence and inspire you.

Your personal kitchen color palette finds its roots in thinking in combinations and contrasts. Because, of course, you never apply just one color. So it's about coordinating a number of colors with each other. And this coordination logically begins with the elements in your kitchen, which are decisive. For example, a floor, the worktop or the fronts.

SieMatic's Individual Color System

To create your personal kitchen color palette you can, in addition to the latest trend colors from Pantone, also use the 1,950 colors from SieMatic's Individual Color System. And that's not a bad idea at all, since the kitchen is increasingly the center of the home. It is the room where we start the day with motivation, where we settle down to work, where we broach poignant subjects and have less important conversations, where we display our culinary masterpieces, where we enjoy each other's company and where we end the day relaxed.

Personal kitchen dreams

With SieMatic's Individual Color System, SieMatic is able to realize everyone's personal kitchen dream. This is because it offers unlimited possibilities with regard to the design of both the furniture itself and the use of different materials and a variety of finishes.

Thus both generous, exuberant and colorful concepts can be designed as well as compact, subtle monochrome concepts. There is a wide range of versatility, colorfulness and diversity for every design and living style. With quality and timeless elegance always being the connecting elements.

Playing with kitchen color combinations

Once you've mapped out the colors of the defining elements in your interior, you can let your favorite colors loose on them, try out combinations and then play with them. Until you have found your ultimate, personal color palette. Don't be too careful in this process; mood boards - both physical and digital - can be rearranged endlessly and suggestions can be undone as well, so be surprised by your own, perhaps unorthodox, concoctions.

That unity ultimately comes about by repeating certain colors in different places in your home and in your outdoor space(s).

Color kitchen trends 2021: Pantone meets SieMatic

It gets even more interesting when you match the Pantone colors for 2021 for your personal color palette with a selection from SieMatic's Individual Color System! How about Ultimate Gray with fresh white, matte gold, marble-veined black and a 'sage green'? Or Illuminating with chalk white, shiny steel, 'pebble gray' and matte black? Replace yellow with powder pink, pearl lavender or bold purple and shiny steel with brass or bronze. And then apply these colors in combination with the same materials in, for example, the hall of your home, in the bedroom or in the washrooms. You can even connect with them outside on your terrace or in your garden by using matching cushions or planters.  

On April 25-29, SieMatic hosted an inspiring Online Lifestyle Event highlighting the theme of "Bring color into your life".

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