A metal dream: a living kitchen with a kitchen island as an ornament to the home

Sometimes choices of material stand head and shoulders above the design. In the case of this town villa in Bennebroek, this is certainly true. In the open L-shaped space, dining, cooking and living are linked together by the kitchen design. 

Open concept of living kitchen with cooking island

The central extensive patio forms the adjoining decor for each living area and, with its rich incidence of light, provides a transparent basis. The possibility of fully opening the glass corner of the sliding door, together with the use of materials for the floor and the disappearance of the window frames, reinforces the feeling that the indoor and outdoor areas are merging into one another. The central location of the modern see-through fireplace also plays a connecting role between living and cooking. The basis of the room has been kept clean, fresh and sleek so that it can be the serving decor for displaying artistic, colourful and textural objects. The designer kitchen with cooking island is a real eye-catcher here!

Tastefulness through dosing 

The kitchen diner with the solitary cooking island in this design is unmistakably remarkable. The cooking island has been given an artistic value in the room through its positioning, the frame front and material properties. The matt brushed metal fronts with glossy edge finish, in combination with the rolled steel worktop and side panels and the light, stylishly draw attention and create an area of tension. The luxurious metal tones blend effortlessly and modestly with the matt grey cast floor finish. 

Cooking like a chef in a living kitchen with island

A repetition of material tones can be found in the Gaggenau appliance selection, stainless steel accessories and Wave extractor. Despite the opulent character of this living kitchen with cooking island, the eye is also drawn to the exceptional design of the Wave exhaust system. The transparency of the frame relates to the transparency of the patio and hall doors, and despite the cool material, creates intimacy above the work island. Together, these individual metal elements create the feel of a chef's kitchen, translated into a chic, artistic and industrial living setting. 

Reinforcing elements

The architecturally built-in tall units and compartments behind the hearth are set modestly back from the island. SieMatic's Muskat colour application contrasts with and warms up the application of metal. The island is thus separated from the wall units in the kitchen and given its own stage. By integrating the plastered open shelves, the kitchen diner with cooking island radiates a homely atmosphere. This is also where the coffee corner is located. By integrating the closed tall units into the wall and by keeping the floating shallow wall units behind the isle low, the whole gets a clear and airy character. The perfect dosage to make elements such as the island or the extractor stand out without making the other elements disappear.

Kitchen with cooking island: the art of proportion

With great attention to detail and a sense of proportion, the residents of this villa have created a pleasant balance between calm and dynamism, background and foreground and openness and separation. Expressive and modest elements work together in this, giving the house a personal and rich character. The kitchen design blends into this and has resulted in a design that is valuable to look at, modest enough to decorate richly and high-quality to use as a home cook.

Credits: Robert Dodd photography