The living kitchen pure nature, as SieMatic intended it

Like many young families, the residents of this detached house were looking for a home closer to nature with more space for their children. After a thorough search, they found a house on a generous plot at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac, situated by woods and water. This 'somewhat dated house' turned out to have been designed in days gone by by by the grandfather of one of the residents. A transformation to current standards was therefore definitely worthwhile! The decision to exchange their semi-detached house for this ideal property was not long in coming.

The kitchen in the heart of the house

"We love good food and love to cook. Then we love to share our culinary excesses with our loved ones. For us, the kitchen is the most important room in the house, and it really lives. That's why it has a place at the heart of the house."

In this SieMatic kitchen, a variant of the Pure lifestyle, a generous cooking island was chosen to create optimum working space. The hob with integrated extractor fan is almost invisibly integrated into the worktop. The sink unit has been installed in the recess of the room-high wall cupboard, which also provides space for kitchen appliances.

Residents: "The whole is light, neutral, simplistic and above all spacious. The latter is partly due to SieMatic's MultiMatic interior system, which makes optimal use of the capacity of all the cabinets and keeps all the utensils neatly out of sight."

The kitchen fully focused on nature

When we enter the kitchen for this report, we experience the ultimate 'dip into nature'. From this kitchen, you not only have a phenomenal view of the outdoors and the natural surroundings, but you are also completely surrounded by them. Embraced. Outside comes inside here. And this is also reinforced by the built-in herb garden on the large kitchen island.

"We deliberately placed the kitchen in such a way that it is completely oriented towards nature. It gives us a sense of space and calm. In business, we lead busy lives and both operate in the hustle and bustle of city life. It is very nice to feel complete relaxation in this place," say the residents.

From showroom to showpiece

"When we saw this model of kitchen in the SieMatic showroom at Vondelpark, our choice was made immediately. Of course, it is then a matter of fine-tuning and translating everything to our own wishes. We played a major role in this during the entire buying process.

During the installation, the SieMatic fitters were able to 'express' their own way of refining things. In other words, the craftsmanship during interior construction on site, with professionals who literally talk with their hands. They have really created something beautiful for us here, which we enjoy optimally every day. From showroom to showpiece!