Let all your senses be stimulated at the SieMatic Lifestyle Event The Christmas Edition! In the spotlight: Design & Wellbeing

On Sunday, 11 December 2022 from 11am to 6pm, we will offer you a festive cocktail of inspiration, tips and free advice. Be sure to stop by and take advantage of:

  • Instructive cooking demonstrations by Siemens
  • Easy-to-apply design tips by Co van der Horst
  • Complete Inspiration Tours of our showroom in a cosy Christmas atmosphere
  • Free advice on your new future kitchen & much more!
  • The whole day long, you'll enjoy a snack and a drink created in our own kitchens.

But this is not all:

Let us present you our special guest: popular food blogger Colette@FoodDeco!

Colette Dike is a food stylist, online-influencer, blogger, recipe developer and photographer at the same time. "Fooddeco is a love affair between food and decoration," she likes to say.
She is also called "Miss Avocado" since it is one of her favourite ingredients and several cookbooks with this ingredient have already been published. 

During the SieMatic Lifestyle Event, she will give you tips on how to amaze everyone at your own Christmas table!

At 15:30, you will join our VIP table and prepare a festive dish together with Colette.


Our living environment has a huge impact on our health and well-being. The good news is that design can actually improve our sense of well-being. Christmas is a time of togetherness, love and awareness. In short, the emphasis is on warmth and dwelling on the (almost) past year. Furthermore, New Year's resolutions are made, and new plans are forged at the kitchen table. This is especially true for the important decisions like living and dreaming about a new house.

At our upcoming Lifestyle event - The Christmas Edition, we will give you tips on how to make your home a place that makes you feel warm, safe and secure in 2023. For instance, did you know that organic shapes create a warm and inviting atmosphere? And that bold colours and expressive materials encourage positive feelings?

Taking current trends into account, we offer you the living kitchens for 2023 and, together with our partners, we will literally get you ready for the coming year!

The kickstart you deserve!

Awaken all your senses  ...



Join the inspiration tour through our showroom where we will take you into the lifestyle worlds of SieMatic and show you how to create a sense of well-being at home. Here, the exclusive kitchens are shown as part of the living environment. All SieMatic style worlds are represented on the different floors of a spacious Amsterdam townhouse. This makes the SieMatic Flagship Store a great place to find inspiration, for your entire interior. We show you the latest trends, materials and colours!

Co Van Der Horst

Nowadays, we have a greater need for contact and cosiness, this is reflected in home trends. Applying colour in different areas of your interior keeps your mind in a positive state throughout the day. The softness of organic shapes creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Need help decorating your home or office to promote well-being? On 11 December, Co van der Horst will gladly give you the best advice.


We occasionally take it a little for granted, but water is, of course, vital. Franke is working every day to improve the quality of water, its ease of use and to make that possible in a sustainable and economical way. Furthermore, good quality drinking water naturally has a positive effect on the body. Discover taps made of 8 mm steel with fixed controls that you can turn on and off without touching! Almost magical...


Jetstone makes high-quality worktops in granite, composite, ceramic and dekton! During our Lifestyle event, they will be happy to show you how to choose a worktop that really suits your lifestyle. Jetstone is now introducing a completely new range of ceramic materials with a polished surface. The range, inspired by beautiful natural stones from all over the world, is given even more allure by its particularly high gloss level. The new range will not officially be on the market until early 2023, but can already be seen at the SieMatic Lifestyle Event! Will you be there?

Milette Raats

Now on display at SieMatic at Vondelpark: the photo series NOW IS GOOD by Milette Raats! Milette drew inspiration for her work from spontaneous encounters with people while travelling around the world. Admire the series NOW IS GOOD that Milette created in Shanghai. Find out how you can apply art in your own kitchen to make it even more yours.



Almost indispensable during the holidays: a steam oven. Cooking dishes with steam is not only very tasty and practical, it is also super healthy! Are you considering buying a steamer and want to know how it works, what is possible, and how dishes from a steamer taste?

Then get all your questions answered at our Lifestyle event. The Siemens chef will demonstrate, explain and let you taste the results of his cooking.

The Art of Wine

During the event, wine shop The Art of Wines will introduce you to delicious wines they have personally selected on their wine tours around the world. They import almost all their wines themselves and passionately tell you the best stories about their travels and conversations with the winemakers and their motivations and methods. During the tasting, you will discover what your personal preferences really are. Your taste buds will be challenged... Let yourself be surprised!


Franke is also thinking about how water can be a party drink. These are called Mocktails. During our Inspiration Event, Franke will demonstrate its latest water systems, and you can choose your favourite Mocktail, which will be prepared for you immediately. Delicious with fruit, but also with surprising herbs and other ingredients. Cheers!



Sound has a tremendous impact on our state of mind. During our Lifestyle Event, Bartels will be happy to explain to you how Domotechnica (because that's how it is called) works and what benefits it has for you. The latest of the newest will be presented to you. Get informed about the possibilities for your home. You won't know what you are hearing!


Co Van Der Horst

One of the latest interior design trends linked to well-being is 'scent scaping'. This involves using pleasant aromas in different rooms of your home, or even during different parts of the day to stimulate your mind using one of the most important senses: scent. Nowadays, we can use candles, flowers, oils and scented sticks in our interiors to influence moods. Co Van Der Horst will be happy to help you with personal (scent) advice within the collections of luxury Italian fragrance brand Locherber Milano.

But... now that we have discussed all the senses; actually, our main focus is on BEING. Because we believe that the kitchen should be the place you identify with and where you can be completely yourself.

SHORTLY, discover it for yourself on 11 December 2022 and imagine yourself in the worlds of cooking, music and more! In the heart of Amsterdam, at its most beautiful in December, our Flagship Store will be your "space to be"!

Will you join us at our Christmas table? We will keep a seat free for you!

With warm, festive greetings on behalf of:

Fooddeco - Siemens - Co van der Horst - Franke - Hanssen Interior Design - Jetstone - Bartels - Milette Raats - SieMatic aan het Vondelpark

Photos Colette Dike - Robin van der Spek