Shanghai and the roaring twenties:
Photo exhibition Milette Raats

Vernissage Sunday 4 September, 12.00 – 17.00 h

SieMatic at Vondelpark is a place where the beautiful things (modern and classic) in life come together. Not least art is part of that. 

From now on the series NOW IS GOOD 现在很好 by Milette Raats can be seen in the beautiful mansion. Milette Raats' exhibition is the first exhibition in this space since long time. The exhibition focuses on the photo series NOW IS GOOD 现在很好, which Milette Raats created in Shanghai in 2018. Other work by Raats also hangs among the kitchens.

The main series NOW IS GOOD was inspired by the heyday of the Chinese mundane metropolis of Shanghai at the time of the 'roaring twenties'. Shanghai was a place where danger touched unimaginable opportunities. Nowadays, the consequences are still visible and noticeable. This series has a link to the new series by SieMatic where colour and expression take centre stage.

Encounters on the go

Spontaneous encounters with people on the go are central to Milette's work. These models, the precision in choosing decor and staging are primary components of Milette Raats photography. This is recorded with both analogue and digital equipment. In her 'tableaux vivants' she plays intuitively with elements from different eras. The images almost seem like a fragment of a film, a story that has been stopped for a moment.

Internationally renowned photographer

In addition to her autonomous work, Milette Raats (1971) is also known for her commissioned work in portraits. Her autonomous work has been nominated several times and she exhibits both nationally and internationally, with highlights such as: New York International Photofestival Photoville , Headon Photofestival in Sydney, Dutch Photofestival Naarden, Designmarch in Reykjavik, Cicterna Art Gallery in Moscow, Sirius Gallery in Tokyo and in 2019 in the Hermitage Amsterdam with the project 'Dutch Masters Revised'. In 2015 the Amsterdam Museum acquired three works for its permanent art collection. In addition, Raats works among other things as in-house photographer at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. She is also the regular photographer of the working visits of His Majesty the King in the context of science.

You are most welcome!